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Advance Technology

HubWerks TruTec 2020

TruTec 2020

Has many "First"

The TruTec 2020 was the first aligner to have a Live Steering Monitor. First 2-camera system with Auto Tracking. First Aligner to come standard with Color Laser Printer. First Aligner to have instant QR code access to Remote with most Android Tablets or iPhones.



the targets

Advanced Target leveling pre-calibrates the targets for the style of runout you chose during the procedure for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability in the Alignment Process. This actually calibrates during each alignment


Advanced Caster Sweep


Advanced Caster Sweep abilities, able to do a 7,10 or 20-degree caster sweep as default, but will intuitively change to the next higher as you sweep if you pass the lower degree more than 2 degrees.

The advanced caster also allows you to do “Fast Caster” without stopping during the sweep maximizing speed.


Tire Diameter and Cross

Diagonal Measurements

A rare visual when aligning a car is the “Tire Diameter”, “Cross Diagonal Measurements” All-wheel drive and Four-wheel drive cars require all wheels to be the same diameter so they achieve the same “Rotations Per Mile” to prevent transmission damage. HUBWERKS TRUTEC2020 gives you this data without any additional steps.


Remote Alignment

Using Tablet or Phone

Have you ever needed a Remote during the alignment… Just grab a cell phone or tablet and Scan the QR code on the INFO page and instant Remote!!

TOUCHLESSWheel Alignment

Beissbarth Touchless

Non-contact wheel alignment

HubWerks Easy 3D

By Beissbarth

Easy Tread Measurement

Non-contact tread measurement

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