SX 120 PRO DUO LNL Tire Changer​

High performance super-automatic lever-no-lever tire changer with combined two-assist arms for wheels with rim from 10″ to 28″ (max. wheel diameter 1200 mm./47″, max. wheel width 406mm./16″).

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Super-automatic tire changer for wheels with rim from 10″ to 28″ (max. wheel diameter 1200 mm/47″, max. wheel width 406mm./16″). Equipped with two assist arms and LeverNoLever tire mounting/demounting system it’s suggested for top professional tire specialists, and high volume tire shops, servicing all kinds of car, racing, run-flat and UHP tires.

  • Robust fixed vertical tower with innovative parallelogram operating arm (PAR-MOVE Concept);
  • Bead breaker loosener effect cylinder Ø 200 mm;
  • Reinforced Chassis. Fixed vertical tower and parallelogram operating arm makes SX 120 PRO DUO LNL extremely robust and stiff, granting increased rigidity and eliminating all flexes
  • Tabletop thickness 14 mm w/POWER X four cylinders clamping system (Giuliano Patent);
  • Lever – No Lever tire mounting/demounting system, Giuliano patent with a combined option through patented Lever – No Lever device
  • Double rotation speed by pedal (motoinverter)
  • Tire inflation by pedal (standard)
  • Patented SBS System for bead loosener shovel travel memory. Adjustable bead loosener shovel angle;
  • PO SystemGiuliano patent, for granting no bead loosener shovel stuck into the rim during bead loosening operations;
  • Equipped with BP1 Plus bead pressing arm (standard), complete with self-storage function, Giuliano patent;
  • Equipped with Help 120 additional pneumatic helper tower and Box 120 Tools Storage Box (standard);
  • Suitable for Wheel Lifter and tubeless tire bead seating system (optional).
Tech Specs

Rim Clamping Range from Outside: 10 – 26 inch
Rim Clamping Range from Inside: 12 – 28 inch
Max Tire Diameter: 47 inches (1200 mm)
Max Tire Width: 16 inches (406 mm)
Bead breaker cylinder force at 10 Bar 30800 N 3100 kg)
Operating Pressure: 8–10 bar (116-145 Psi)
Power Supply: 220V – 1ph 50/60 Hz
Motor Power: 0,75 kW / 2 Speed
Rotating Speed: 8-16 rpm
Pre-set Tire Inflating Pressure: 3.5 bar (50 Psi)
Net Weight: 434 Kg
Max Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 1760 x 1250 x 2200 mm


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